Allenhurst, United States

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I have been into digital photography since buying my first DSLR to shoot my Granddaughter’s HS graduation about 10 years ago. I’m retired and have little else to do so I take the camera and go find things to capture. Since I live in an area where there are a vast number of water birds, that tends to be the subject most frequently on my “hit list”. I also live in an area socked in with trees, so landscape are difficult to find, but I do manage to find an opportunity now and again.

When I photograph the birds and animals in the wild, I am not as interested as most in just getting the bird/animal but I also include the habitat. A close in shot of a bird or animal can be had at a zoo, but the background is obvious. I prefer to include a section of the pond or wooded area into the picture to show that it is indeed a wild shot. As a result, many times the critter is not the dominant figure in the image.

  • Age: 64
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