I am a painter, graphic designer, musician, and writer.

i am an anarchist who doesn’t associate himself with anarchists.

I produce music and video .

I teach AP Art History and Graphic Design.

I believe in the Remodernist Movement.

I believe in the KLF.

I belong to twilight Project, isabellalugosi, :pulse::throb::throb::pulse: and Logan and Longshot.

I skate pools, both public and private.

I practice Zen Bujutsukan Martial Arts.

I am in your home right this moment.

I am the sole creator of my work and therefore hold all copyright.

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  • Age: 41
  • Joined: May 2008


new work

i got some new stuff.
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thanks to all who voted… / this is super kool.
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i was featured in the Experimental Photography group. / Thanks a bunch. / Photography is a medium new to me so this recognition is very exciting.
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Renaissance man teaches the Renaissance.

If one googles the band, isabellalugosi, they would find that the first page of results includes a multitude of links to various music sites as well as band merchandising sites. Searching the term, tenseventythree will take you to several sites with writings and art. At redbubble.com, an online art community, searching the artist, 1073 will take you to an online portfolio full of paintings, dra…
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