Seriously dangerous: CENSORED! by -Lilith-

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Seriously dangerous: CENSORED! by 

Again 2 of my images have been removed by RB.
But you can still see them on my weblog.

Click for my image GLOBAL WARMING

Click for my image SWEET AND SACRED

Seemingly certain parts of my femininity are considered dangerous, disturbing, offending, ugly, threatening, scary or dirty. I have never noticed that before May this year, when I joined RB. Before that time I only posted my images on Dutch websites and never encountered any problems whatsoever. Censorship is new to me, since I crossed the borders of our little country digitally, and joined this international website. It feels unnatural but most of all hypocritical to me. I already described my opinion about censorship in the caption added to my image “A decent girl” that I posted a while ago when another image was deleted. So I will not go there again. You can find it here if you are interested. Click for A DECENT GIRL

I have never exposed what is called my “most private parts” on this or any website because – old fashioned as I am – I like to keep that for that one very special person. I’m still being censored so there must be something about my images that I’m really GOOD at! So tell me…

I have reasons to believe that this censoring has something to do with a person or more persons complaining about me and reporting certain images. Complaining is fine, but please have enough guts to do it personally to me and I will be happy to talk with you, on this public website or by bmail or email.

Now I have only questions. What will happen next? Censor yellow persons? Report pink flowers because you think they should be purple? Complain about homosexuality? Someones shoes you don’t like? My nailpolish? His moustache? Her glasses? Your… whatever? Burning books?
I appreciate and value the freedom of expression that we have over here even more then I already did! Amen. Awen."


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  • Impassioned
    Impassionedabout 5 years ago

    I think some are not going to like the colors of those letters…personally I will take you any day…I LOVE your expression!

  • Thanks Mark! Well,if someone doesn’t like the letters, they can go look somewhere else I guess… :-)

    – -Lilith-

  • raymondoantonio
    raymondoantonioabout 5 years ago


  • Thank you Raymondo. “A world of sheep” was exactly what I was thinking… Pretty scary idea…

    – -Lilith-

  • JenniferB
    JenniferBabout 5 years ago

    hmmm… I found those images to be artistically sensuous and suggestive, and in NO way offensive… I’m sure there’s a few people around the bubble who have nothing better to do than scout profiles for things to object to and report, having been in the firing line more than once myself. I’m surprised redbubble staff couldn’t see the artistic merit in those shots of yours… I can’t see how they break any of their rules.

  • Thank you Jennifer!

    – -Lilith-

  • Leon A.  Walker
    Leon A. Walkerabout 5 years ago

    Oh shit!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! You know I’m down with you Baby… But this removing of images is so ridiculous. Particularly given some of the other shit I’ve seen on here. Love ya Lilith!!!

  • Ha ha… Thanks! xxx

    – -Lilith-

  • karman
    karmanabout 5 years ago

    Why? Has it got teeth?

  • Oh, you really don’t want to know what it’s got.

    – -Lilith-

  • oneperfectkiss
    oneperfectkissabout 5 years ago

    I think you are beautiful Lilith. Don’t let dickheads ever put you off!! xxxx

  • Blush…! Thanks so much! I won’t. :-)

    – -Lilith-

  • Shane Gallagher
    Shane Gallagherabout 5 years ago

    I agree your images are sensual, provocative and beautiful pieces of art!

  • Thank you for your support!

    – -Lilith-

  • charliethetramp
    charliethetrampabout 5 years ago

    dangerous you look angry
    oh dear not again lilith
    your work is more a celebration of the female form
    rather than an exploitation of it
    your images are thoughtful and suggestive and not of an explicit nature
    rise above it lilth your artworks great
    they are the ones with the problem not you

  • I just needed to hear that about my work Charlie! Thank you sincerely!

    – -Lilith-

  • Matt Bottos
    Matt Bottosabout 5 years ago

    Hi Lilith,
    I guess this is nothing new. The use of diminished intervals banned by the catholic church in the middle ages, In the 60’s the song “leader of the Pack” was banned by the ABC because of its glorification of motorcycle gangs, PMRC trying to ban metal music in the 80’s, RB removing Lilith’s images in the 00’s… etc… It all comes down to people that have views that are not as broad as yours and feel the need to control and protect.
    I think RB has volunteers or ’Porno Police" that scour images that they deem inappropriate.
    Anyway, Sorry to hear that your images were removed. It must be pretty frustrating for you.

  • Thanks Mark. Well, these volunteers or “pron police” don’t do their “work” very good then… I see WAY more explicit things over here. Which is fine by me, by the way. But you’re right. It’s all about fear. And fear is a dangerous guide.

    – -Lilith-

  • PorcelainPoet
    PorcelainPoetabout 5 years ago

    I find this interesting considered I’ve found multiple images of erections on RB, I think they were removed after I reported them. But from what I can see, I’m not really sure why they removed your image…

  • Thanks for taking a look Jessica! Well, I don’t understund what’s wrong with an image of an erection though. Personally I’m mostly not too interested in looking at an erect penis (as most women aren’t), although there are a few pretty artistic ones on this websites as well! But I wouldn’t know why they should be reported. Mostly I’d rather see a gorgeous male chest or nice masculine shoulders or something, but an erection doesn’t offend me at all either. Why should it?

    – -Lilith-

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