Showcase for the beauty of captive creatures.

Recent Work

  • Hamadryas Baboon  by Cindy Hitch
  • Young Koala BW by DavidsArt
  • Bush Stone-Curlew by Cindy Hitch
  • Emu by Cindy Hitch
  • Bold by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Mmm, Great Dinner. by Ann  Van Breemen
  • The Ostrich That Bit My Lens by Asoka
  • Panthera leo by dbernadette930
  • Two Brothers playins by Matsumoto
  • Purdy Bird by Abbie Macmillan
  • Special Llama by Abbie Macmillan
  • The Doors 4 by John Velocci

About This Group

Congratulations to Booby McLeod
His image Fixed Stare has been chosen as our Avatar. Please stop by and comment on his amazing image.

Congratulations to Ken Boxsell for winning the Year of the Frog Competition.

His image graced the group’s Avatar for several weeks. He is also a featured artist for our group. Please be sure to stop by and take a look at his image enlarged to truly appreciate how awesome it is. Be sure to leave comments for Ken on this beautiful winning image. Thank you to all of you who participated in the Year of the Frog competition. We had so many gorgeous enteries!

ZOOPHORIA’s main purpose as a group is to showcase the beauty of all God’s creatures, great and small, found in captivity.

If you have a fabulous zoo shot you’ve been dying to show off, this is the best place to do it. This group is full of people who just can not get enough of the zoo! Zoophoria by defintion is a feeling of Zoobulation felt by a photographer or artist while visiting the zoo.

We want to see your best work only. This may include creatures as small as a ladybug taken at a botanical gardens, or a huge as an elephant at your local zoo. The main focus of the art must be on the animal. Many types of animals may fall into this category: amphibians, birds, primates, reptiles, fish, etc.

This group has many talented photographer’s and artist, so join the group, browse around, give our artist some positive feedback in the comment sections. Our group has a very active participation in group challenges and contest. You can see our list of competitions in the Forum area of the group. We also have an area for general discussion if you would like to add a topic. So, come on in, stay a while, and join the fun!

Group Hosts: Lisa G. Putman and Cheri McEachin

See the group rules and join this group here