Zoom Effect

Special effect by changing focal lengths during an exposure


  • Unbearable beauty of Hvar  by Aleksandar Topalovic
  • Lift your eyes Live your life by Aleksandar Topalovic
  • Firework Tree by Lindie
  • Roundal by Youcrazything
  • Light lines by Youcrazything
  • Roses (Moving zoom) by Jan Clarke
  • zoom effect rose by Perggals© - Stacey Turner
  • Abstract nature (Zoomed) by Jan Clarke
  • Vivid by Dean Perkins
  • Autumn Leaves Zoom 11/06/13 by pennyswork
  • Autumn Zoom 17/06/13 by pennyswork
  • Autumn Tree Zoom 12/06/13 by pennyswork
  • obscured by clouds on mothers day by George Salazar
  • Pure beauty (Zoom effect) by Jan Clarke
  • Stained by Youcrazything
  • Lace daisy by Youcrazything
  • Weird lights in the sky 2 by Youcrazything
  • Weird lights in the sky 1 by Youcrazything