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Zoom Effect

Special effect by changing focal lengths during an exposure

  • zoom effect rose by Perggals© - Stacey Turner
  • Last one by Aleksandar Topalovic
  • Zooming Through Fall by JGetsinger
  • Oh Jesus by Youcrazything
  • Vivid by Dean Perkins
  • Orange dream by LouD
  • Ghostly Buddha Head by rachelroo
  • Zoom into the city by Margaret Whyte
  • zoom  by Moonen
  • American Ballet by Amber Williams
  • Blue tree by Lindie Allen
  • Power of Prayer by Gene Walls
  • Vegas Sign No. 15 by Benjamin Padgett
  • Zoom blur by Zeevat Tuladhar
  • on the beach by Charlie Watkins
  • Orchid. Variable zoom by andreisky
  • Autumn Burst! by Rachel Lilly
  • Beach combing #02 by LouD