Zoom Effect

Special effect by changing focal lengths during an exposure

Recent Work

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  • Wormed by brilightning
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  • Aaaargh by brilightning
  • Snake lites by Youcrazything
  • Japanese yawn by brilightning
  • Fire Up by brilightning

About This Group

This group will accept only shots of zoom effect (changing focal lengths during an exposure)

The result of this zoom effect is a relatively sharp central subject surrounded of radiant burst of streaks.

Only this zoom effect will be accepted!

Please, read this:
Photoshop (and other) is a great tool and we can make great postprocessed pictures with it. But in this group, we would like to see only zoom effects “straight from camera”. Postprocessing to change colors, contrast or crop the photo is ok. But please, don’t make the zoom effect with editing programs.
Sometimes it could be difficult to see, if a picture was postprocessed or not. This is the reason why you have to write in the description something like “zoom effect straight from camera”

Feel free to discuss this technique into the forum.

See the group rules and join this group here