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Monsters Ink

"You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature?"


  • Nancy Ames

    Dragonsong by Nancy Ames

    A red-tongued flame
    will taste the same,
    when dragon’s flight
    speeds through the night.

    145 words
  • Max Gatrell

    The Devil's indenture by Max Gatrell

    The Devil’s Indenture

    Invoked he was to soften my grief,
    That tempter of man, the Paradise thief.
    Appeared within a cloud of smoke,
    And shortly after thus he spoke.
    ‘For her love you won̵…

    191 words
  • sonia

    The Transformation by sonia

    Looking in the mirror, she was suddenly acutely aware of the fact that she could be witnessing something very familiar for possibly the last time – her reflection.

    661 words
  • BryanVanGogh

    The Delivery by BryanVanGogh

    Dan felt the darkness move in and could almost make out the moon grimacing down on him as death reaped in.

    3807 words
  • BryanVanGogh

    The Death of Angela by BryanVanGogh

    Lightning flared across the sky and in the quiet distance the thunder reverberated as clouds darkened above.

    5768 words
  • Max Gatrell

    The Deeply Alluring Succubus by Max Gatrell

    Sleep in thy Bed, for her time is thus,
    The Deeply Alluring Succubus.
    She is a Women in Gait, Touch and Smell,
    Her outward appearance is very well.
    She enters thy chamber, just after Four,
    Locks unprevent…

    192 words
  • Max Gatrell

    The Phantom Dapper by Max Gatrell

    The Slickest he was, wherever he went,That Phantom Dapper Visitant.Immaculately Clad in the Finest of Wears,Those who he Met, Saw a man without Cares.But they would be wrong, to Miss all his Strain,F…
    281 words
  • Max Gatrell

    Trapped in Tanks by Max Gatrell

    For Hideous Crimes, the Magus Declared,
    ‘Chastisement Severe, shall Never be Spared.’
    Pazuzu Defiant, Growled with Disdain,
    ‘A Curse upon thee, Perennial Pain.’
    ‘Stone for t…

    237 words
  • warmonger62

    Chapter 1. Where Did I Go Wrong? by warmonger62

    I helped the young girl out of the car, and murmuring reassurances and platitudes to her, I helped the poor child to re-adjust her clothing

    1514 words
  • JaneAParis

    SCARRIAGE by JaneAParis

    I envisioned a scarriage, I was being married
    “THEY”, the dark ones, were marrying me, I had no say in the matter…

    415 words
  • Max Gatrell

    Dead Time Love by Max Gatrell

    Saunter Slowly in Commotion,
    Penetrating from great heights.
    Shades before me Proffer Scary,
    insubstantial Rabid Bites.

    Digging up another Conquest,
    Water-sporting in their Grave.
    Busting Bones which caus…

    129 words
  • Max Gatrell

    The Ghostly Quartet by Max Gatrell

    Within the hotel, all were at rest,
    All except one, one lady guest.
    This lady asleep, swiftly awoken,
    By something unique, her slumber was broken.
    The lady sat up and guess what she saw?
    ’Twas a ban…

    188 words
  • ripinamberlost

    The Monsters by ripinamberlost

    We cut with these knives
    We sing in the dark
    We try to hide from the monsters
    That want to tear us apart

    We cut away the pain inside
    Let it all bleed out
    One drip at a tyme
    At the pain we’ll scream a…

    115 words
  • warmonger62

    Going "Dark Side" by warmonger62

    We meet again, quite by chance,
    Two pairs of eyes meet, subtle glance,
    Your face lights up, quite serene,
    Still, looking cold, like an Ice-Queen.

    181 words
  • Max Gatrell

    Tartarian Trips by Max Gatrell

    Across the Styx, the Boatman conveys me,
    Though aspects will be missed, I gladly leave this world behind.
    My pennies are paid, so along these shores I shall not wander,
    Despairingly I behold all whose e…

    367 words
  • Thatsmymuffin

    First Taste by Thatsmymuffin

    Same piece as my vampiric opening, but I’m just not sure about it.

    362 words
  • ripinamberlost

    Raving by ripinamberlost

    I will make you eager
    Serpents will quiver

    Your soul is mine
    However devine
    Kiss these sweet thoughts
    And breaths of life gone

    The way you live
    Your heart won’t beat for long

    Come to the da…

    112 words