Young Snappers Photographers

*for the young photographer aged 10-20 please add age - 2 per day

Recent Work

  • presence  by Morpho  Pyrrou
  • Hail the Chief! by Guatemwc
  • The Rock by Kyle  Rodgers
  • Zooey by Viky Harrison
  • Fred, My Friend by Guatemwc
  • Mad Macaw! by Guatemwc
  • Fine Artistry by Guatemwc
  • Eye of a predator by Guatemwc
  • Out of Bend by Guatemwc
  • Hats Off! by Guatemwc
  • Beautiful Birdy by Guatemwc
  • Weave, and wove, and weave by Guatemwc

About This Group

Image of the Week

Eagle Hawk Neck by Damon Colbeck

Have you a youngster that is a wizard with a camera and wish to help them develop further -then this is the group where you can add their images taken on any camera they have or borrow.

Images taken by Children under 16 must be uploaded by the adult family member into their own portfolio first and then added to the group, 16+ can upload from their own accounts

For our Teens it can be difficult to encourage please read on: – you need to find your own level and gain experience asking other more experienced members questions etc.. here you can experiment with programmes and show us your results, pass on tips to the younger members of the group and hopefully develop confidence and a love of photography further by being in a group with your peers as opposed to older more experienced photographers. We will be asking (with a pretty please) other group members to maybe come in and help answer questions that you may have in our forum.

Maybe you are involved in a Photography course and wish to share what you have and are learning, then this is a great group for you to step out and show what you care about!

Below are our Banners that you can use on your RB Overview Page if you so wish you can find the LINKS in the forum. Please do use them as you can then guide other members to your Young Snapper Images :)

See the group rules and join this group here