Fashion Photography as Art

Group Rules:

- All genres of fashion photography will be accepted – high fashion, vintage, couture, avant garde, etc. Clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, hair styles, and so on……

- Images can be in studio or on location – as long as the focus within the frame is on fashion.

- Images must represent fashion as a fine artform and only high quality work will be accepted. No poorly composed or out-of-focus images (artistic & motion blur will be accepted); no poorly edited or over-treated photographs. Only submit work that you are proud of.

- Not too many artwork submissions per day. This way we give everyone a chance to be on the front page.

- Play nicely and follow all of Red Bubble’s rules.

- We encourage participation and interaction between members – this is a chance to appreciate, respect & comment on other people’s works, as well as showcase your own!

- If you disagree with a host’s decision, please bmail diLuisa. I am always happy to discuss.

- Enjoy, experiment, create, interpret, reflect & express – that is what this group is about! And if you dare, push some artistic boundaries.

-This group is for everyone – professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs, those already working in the fashion industry, and those who would like to be.

- Both still life fashion photography, as well as photography that uses models will be accepted. Fine art nudes will be accepted, as long as the model is wearing at least ONE fashion item. (Still life fashion photography devotes itself to photographing clothing items without the use of models.)

- And most importantly, let’s have some fun and push the limits of our creativity!