WTF are you wearing?!

An alternative view of life, the universe, and everything.

Recent Work

  • if you'll be in mine~~~ by TeaseTees
  • Dexter the Dragon by Tom Godfrey
  • Paintings and Pizza by Aaron Morales
  • Hello Ninja Turtle Leader by scribbleworx
  • Hakuna Matata 2/2 by Fitspire Apparel
  • Rot Rod Saturday Night T-Shirt from VivaChas! by ChasSinklier
  • The Clash at Demonhead by Teague Hipkiss
  • I'm So Fancy (You Already Know) by Fitspire Apparel
  • Guardian of the Dream World by Gilles Bone
  • Feather by Lenoirrr
  • Mind Emptied by s2ray
  • Diamond by Lenoirrr

About This Group

The WTF?! Group Design Challenge Winner

This is a t-shirt only group for people who see the world in a little bit different way. Some see it in a way that’s just a bit more bizarre, unorthodox, or just plain weirder than most. If that’s you, then you belong here. We aren’t looking to showcase happy little squirrel buddy t-shirts, or to see who can cram the most cuss words in a 2400×3200 frame.

We seek alternative creative thinkers. So, If you were the kid in school that got busted for drawing zombies in your history book, or even if you just think that your reality is a hell of a lot more fun than the one that most people are stuck in, let’s see what you got!

#$&%^*^ OFF! Challenge Winner

Lost in Communication Challenge Winner

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