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The Red Writing Room

Group Rules:

Delta aims to bring together writers of all different stages and styles: whether you’re new, emerging or established, whether you’re a novelist, poet or playwright. We aim to provide a dynamic, vibrant community offering support and encouragement to writers from all corners of the globe, as well as facilitate social events and workshops in the real world. The forums in Delta provide a wealth of resources, from writing prompts and story ideas, to regular updates on competitions and prizes, as well as tutorial and critique opportunities. Delta is also here to provide you with information on other writing groups within Red Bubble, so that you can utilize these wonderful resources and make the most of your writing.

In short, if you’re passionate about the written word, welcome aboard!

Delta is open to all writers, and those interested in writing. We welcome short stories, poetry, plays, excerpts from novels and even those ideas that haven’t quite found a home yet. We do not accept artwork, and we ask that journals pertain specifically to writing. You can submit up to 20 pieces of writing that you wish to showcase, and you may update your work whenever you like (just remove older work so the new work can be accepted). Participation in our group is subject to Red Bubble Etiquette, so please familiarise yourself with it.

The Red Writing Room hosts commit to:
- Greeting new members and offering assistance to help them understand how the group operates.
- Updating the feature gallery on a weekly basis.
- Featuring a different writer and their work each week.
- Publishing a monthly newletter for members.
- Keeping the forums active with regular updates and postings