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  • Potted plants and a dog on the steps by Tom Gomez
  • Altare del Duomo di Monreale by Andrea Rapisarda
  • :The Cloisters: by BULLYMEISTER
  • Wet Cobbles by WhartonWizard
  • The Empire State by Roddy Atkinson
  • Early Morning at Queenscliff (2) by Christine Smith
  • Ballarat Railway Station by Christine Smith
  • The Bedroom ~ Garroorigang House, Goulburn by Rosalie Dale
  • Il Redentore by Tom Gomez
  • Inside the Reading Room by Christine Smith
  • Garroorigang Classroom by Ian English
  • Pillar in nave Durham Cathedral 19810104 0034 by Fred Mitchell
  • South aisle Durham Cathedral 19810104 0033  by Fred Mitchell
  • Menkaure's Pyramid by Tom Gomez
  • Iandra Castle ~ Greenthorpe NSW by Rosalie Dale
  • Elizabeth Bay House - Grand Staircase by Ian English
  • How big is this bridge? by Tom Gomez
  • Goldrush. by Warren  Patten