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Wondrous Workhorses

A group for those great engines and machines that have moved the earth (bit by bit) or moved things around the earth (piece by piece).


  • British Leyland Crawler Tractor by Edward Denyer
  • FORD by Harlan Mayor
  • wet wet wet by TudorSaxon
  • Past it's prime by Harlan Mayor
  • M80 Western Ring Road Project  by Matt Wilson
  • Classic Vette Detail by Harlan Mayor
  • Thunderbird Detail by Harlan Mayor
  • Rake of the Meadow by StoneAge
  • Steam Traction Engine by Trevor Kersley
  • Showmans Engine by bubblebat
  • Showmans Engine 2 by bubblebat
  • the big dogs by StoneAge
  • Scammell Highwayman. by Mike Jeffries
  • Albion Sugar Fodens by Mike Jeffries
  • Wynn's Guy Invincible by Mike Jeffries
  • Morning Start Up by Trevor Kersley
  • fruitful fields of barron by StoneAge
  • Blue & Yellow by sylentbob