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Thursday 30-08-2012 Features – CHILDREN – Women Painters

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 870 posts

Congratulations Featured Women Painters!

Your work is a wonderful addition to our gallery and it brings us great joy to highlight your fabulous contributions.

This set of features focuses on CHILDREN: their innocence, their dreams, their love, their LIVES.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed selecting them!

A bit of background on how we handle features in women Painters: Madalena and Helene select the features for Mondays; Jolante and I select the features for Thursdays. You may see our work included in features if our peer has selected us… after all, we join all of you in this passion to create, communicate visually and PAINT.

Jolante and Angela

"The road to Tuckor"
by Gabriella Nilsson

girl with bird
by donnamalone

by Lynda Robinson

I am Somebody
by JolanteHesse

Fiji Boy
by Martha Mitchell

"Rag Dolly Anna" original SOLD
by frontofbicycle

child green
by donnamalone

God's Children/Daisy – Series #4
by Tahnja

Dreaming of flight
by Elena Oleniuc

Eternal Dream …
by Stephie Butler

Mr Cotton Candy
by Monica Blatton

A Prayer That DREAMS Come True
by Angela L Walker

Each feature is a clickable link back to the original work so please join us in congratulating these talented artists below and on their respective works !

Madalena Lobao-Tello Madalena Lobao... 6931 posts

Angela and Jolante

All features chosen by you are wonderful and these are no exception!

Congratulations to the women painters with featured artworks!! All great works of art!!

JolanteHesse JolanteHesse 597 posts

Congratulations to all the artists of these beautiful and striking works…. and thanks for including one of mine Angela!

F.A. Moore F.A. Moore 37008 posts

What a fabulous collection of works about children. I am soaking them in. Congratulations all, and to Angela and Jolante for your finds!

Claudia Dingle Claudia Dingle 688 posts

Fantastic choice of works!

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5021 posts

Very nice portraits, congrats all!

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3149 posts

Congratulations to all the ladies! Thank you so much for including one of mine amongst these superb artworks.

Alga Washington Alga Washington 351 posts

Wonderful selection, congrats to all.

Elena Oleniuc Elena Oleniuc 347 posts

Congratulations to all the artists! Thank you very much for including my work!