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Wine - The Universal Elixir

A group appreciating wine in all its glory.

  • Old Ferguson Tractor  by Sherry  Graddy
  • Signs and Vines by TonyCrehan
  • Wine Corks 1 (iP4) by Werner Padarin
  • Inside the Winery by Barbara  Brown
  • Snowy vines southern France by Paul Pasco
  • Don't Eat the Wine #5 by PhotosByTraci
  • Tuscan Countryside View by Allegretto
  • Taste test by Denise Ray
  • Vineyards 4 by Werner Padarin
  • ermmm which one by charleston
  • Wine In The Snow by Sharon A. Henson
  • Glasses by Smaxi
  • Wine in the Garden by Barbara  Brown
  • Good taste. by traveller
  • Vino by whiterabbitart
  • Sangiovese, Rutherglen by Georgina James
  • Vineyard at Dawn by Courtney McIntyre
  • Uncorked by Sharon A. Henson