Wine - The Universal Elixir

A group appreciating wine in all its glory.

Recent Work

  • Wine Barrel by stellaclay
  • Into the vineyards by stellaclay
  • The new forty. by Paul Pasco
  • wall niche with glasses by Marlies Odehnal
  • Wine Glasses by photoshot44
  • WineDick by CorxandForx
  • The Glass Within by CorxandForx
  • Fill The Glass by CorxandForx
  • Emerson - Wine Quote by CorxandForx
  • Wine Quote - Napoleon by CorxandForx
  • Wine Quote - Emerson 2 by CorxandForx
  • Wine Quote - Robert Louis Stevenson by CorxandForx

About This Group

This is a group for wine lovers who do art that relates to wine. it could be of a wine region, winery, wine in food and dining, wine in an event or everyday life. You could write about wine, be drinking it and posing for a photo, giving any posts about a nice drop you’ve had or interested in reading rave reviews from others.

Because wine tourism is a huge part of the tourism chunk I also encourage people to post photos of wine regions, stating the region and where it was taken. This is the highlight and will hopefully endorse the amazing wine regions that exist worldwide.

So eat drink and be merry.

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