Windows and Doors Only - 3 per day

Group Rules:

DEFAULT ONLY VIEW – - That means the original image with NO writing or messages on it or within the frame….No more than 3 per day.

All images to show a window with surround or a door with the FOCUS on the window or door. – views beyond or through the door/window will not be accepted, unless part of the overall story of the image.


Areas that used to have a wooden Window or Door, such as openings in castle walls as they are still an opening into another area. The opening in the wall MUST have had a built in window or door at sometime in the past.

Windows or Doors in Cars, Trains, Aeroplanes, or Boats/Ships will now be accepted…
( but will be left up to the moderators own discretion ) This means that, the window or windows and doors in question MUST have some sort of character or individuality.

Collages of doors or windows.
Dilapidated windows and doors with broken glass ( but not of the whole house )

Gateways will be accepted that are openings into buildings only..
This will be up to the moderator’s own discretion…

Door knobs, knockers, handles, locks, hardware and metalwork, but it must be obvious that they are from a window or door and your photograph must show that it is indeed from a window or door.
Windows or doors with curtains, as long as the window or door is clearly visible.
Photographs AND Paintings of Windows & Doors
HDR is accepted.


NO FULL BUILDINGS OR WALLS THAT JUST HAPPEN TO HAVE A WINDOW OR DOOR. No full front of buildings or no full frontal Facades.
Images of COMPLETE houses and buildings should go to an Architectural group.
Acceptance by moderators discretion.. ( example = challenges )
NO cave entrances, as these are not windows or doors…
Remember this is a window and door group.. See definition below.
NO Shop Front windows….Shop-fronts are not accepted into this group due to copyright laws which may refer to the articles within the windows of the shops or the signage
NO high-rise glass panel buildings or skyscrapers..
NO Graffiti unless the Graffiti or Wall-art is surrounding a Window or Door and is enhancing the window or door…. NO TAGGING.
Do NOT make the reflection in the glass your main focus. Obviously some reflection is a natural occurrence, BUT when it is the main focus of the photograph, it will be rejected. Remember this is a group for windows and doors not reflections.
NO eyes ( window to your soul type, you know!! ).
Duplicates of a single image with different processes will be deleted i.e. same image in colour and mono. The last uploaded image of such duplicate will be deleted so please be critical in your choice of upload.
Do not submit the same image from different perspectives.
Anything that requires a Mature Filter is not accepted


Remember submit only your very BEST work of a window or door.

Hosts have final say on whether the image fits the overall requirements of the group.

Any Image in the group may be used for challenge cover images or group icon.

Definition of a window according to the Encarta Dictionary
An opening in a wall of a building, usually with an inner frame of wood or metal with glass fitted to it, to let in light or, when opened, air
A glass-covered opening designed to let in light or, when opened, air, e.g. in a vehicle.

Definition of a door according to the Encarta Dictionary
A movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, cupboard, or vehicle, usually a solid panel, hinged to or sliding in a frame.
In other words, an entrance or viewing area that leads the occupant into another area.