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Recent Work

  • Farley Blacksmith Shop by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • Looking Through To The Other Side by WildestArt
  • White and Blue by Angelika  Vogel
  • old door by spetenfia
  • At the end. by Paul Pasco
  • Look Through My Window by Evelina Kremsdorf
  • Bygone days by indiafrank
  • On a Boat & A Prayer by Mike Honour
  • Lighthouse Window | Fire Island, New York  by © Sophie W. Smith
  • Looking Through The Doorway To The Past by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • Bedroom Door by IanLeeOliver
  • The Stairwell.......... by Imi Koetz

About This Group

Welcome to the Windows and Doors Group
If you want to see what this group is all about please look at the features and take time to read the rules.. ( located at the bottom of this page )…
Also, please take the time to comment on each others work and participate in the group challenges. Thank you for submitting only your best work.
Note:….There is a Max of 3 images per day limit.
………….NO Shop Front windows….Shop-fronts are not accepted into this group due to copyright laws which may refer to articles in the windows of the shops.

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Winner of the Monthly Exposure Challenge ( January )


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