Wildflowers of the World (Photos only) - 3/day

A Group to Showcase Wildflowers from around the World. Add in the Description Flower Name, Location and Country of the Photo

Winners Circle - April to July 2012 (locked)

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June Avatar Challenge Winner

Boab Flower. (Adansonia gregorii). Derby, Kimberley region of North Western Australia, Australia.
by Mary Jane Foster

Red Challenge Winner

by PKGPhotography

Going Green Winner

Callistemon pachyphyllus
by andrachne

White, White White Challenge Winner

Starflower With New Bud
by T.J. Martin


Winter/Summer Challenge Winner

Golden Sunburst
by Penny Smith


Flowers against Rocks or Stones Challenge

Poppy and Stones
by John Butler


April Voucher Winner

Yellow Lady Slipper
by cclaude

May Avatar Winner

Drumstick anyone ?
by Michael Matthews

May Voucher Challenge

The White Trillium
by EbyArts


Wildflower Challenge Winner

Sessile Bellwort (Wild Oats)
by T.J. Martin