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Wildflowers of the World (Photos only) - 3/day

A Group to Showcase Wildflowers from around the World

Recent Work

  • Portrait in Pink by Nadya Johnson
  • Iris Wattii  by AnnDixon
  • Gorgeous Pink Pond Lily by Poete100
  • Where apples come from by greenpuffin
  • Lotus corniculatus - Birdsfoot Trefoil - Deervetch by AnnDixon
  • White Clover by vigor
  • Anigozanthos  'Bush Gems'  by Maggie Hegarty
  • A rare delicacy by Sue Purveur
  • Swamp Milkweed  by lorilee
  • Canadian Spring by Bill Morgenstern
  • Yellow Bells by Nadya Johnson
  • Fireweed in the woods by Yukondick

About This Group

Welcome to Wildflowers of the World!
This is a group that is all about wildflowers from all around the world. So we hope that you will join us and share with everyone in this group the high quality photos of wildflowers that are found in your area of the world.
Please be sure that the photos that you upload to the group are wildflowers in the wild. Wildflowers in National Parks and Gardens are acceptable.
This is not a group for bedding plants and cultivated flowers in your yard or flowers in nurseries. However, wild flowers growing wild on a property, ranch, acreage etc will be accepted.
Flowering Trees and shrubs will be accepted if they are a wildflower. Landscape images of massed blooms of wildflowers will be accepted.

Seed Heads will also be accepted, but must have the name of the flowering plant, where found and in which country

Images submitted to the group MUST have a flower name whether its the common name or its scientific name, where the photo was taken and the country in which it was taken – that is 3 names in the description eg Hemlock, Devon, England

Collages will be accepted if the images presented are crisp and clear. This also will be the only time that borders will be accepted – please see example:

Perfoliate Bellwort Wildflower – Uvularia perfoliata
by MotherNature

Not accepted will be the following:
B&W Photos, Sepia, Textured, HDR, Selective Colouring, Images with writing on, or Macro which only shows part of the flower, Fractillius, Orton effect and other heavily processed images which distort the natural color and/or texture of the flower will also be rejected. No image which needs an adult filter will be accepted

Please note: Hosts may enter challenges in this group as they cannot affect the challenge outcomes


Wildflower Identification Links


A rare delicacy

Sue Purveur


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Blue Challenge

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The Letter E Challenge

Michael Matthews

Letter D Challenge – Joint Winners

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John Butler
Letter C Challenge


Archive Challenge Winners

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Please see the next page for more important information regarding acceptance of images

If you have won a challenge in our group you may like to check out a group for challenge winners

See the group rules and join this group here