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Wild Cats In Their Environment (2 per 24 hours)

Group Rules:

This group is for photography and art work only and limited to two submissions per 24 hours. Please try to submit different types of shots instead of the same shots at slightly different angles. The art work should be of a nature that represents the cats well. where the details of the cats should be clear. “Picasso” type works or those with non natural colors will be rejected.

Location of the shot is mandatory. If the location is not mentioned, the photo will be removed and you can resubmit it. For the photographs, we would also like to see the technical elements of the shots, IE camera, lens, shutter speed, etc. It is not a requirement, but some folk like to see information regarding the photos. For the art work, a description of the medium used would be great.

Photos can be layered, cropped, manipulated as long as the integrity of the naturalness is maintained. Removal of the shots will be at the discretion of the hosts.

Since this is a new group, we likely will be making modifications when we see the need.