WILD AFRICA (2/day, please no series of same subjects) Nothing Man made!!

Photography & Artwork of natural landscapes,wildlife, plantlife and insects indigenous to Africa.


  • Impala by Jan Fijolek
  • Lioness by Jan Fijolek
  • Glitter by Macky
  • Springbok - African Wildlife Background - Magnificent Sun by LivingWild
  • Springbok - African Wildlife Background - Majestic Gold by LivingWild
  • African Savannah Elephant by Jan Fijolek
  • Black Rhinoceros by Jan Fijolek
  • A Tasty Catch by Karine Radcliffe
  • Warthog - African Wildlife Background - Healing Mud Bath by LivingWild
  • Kudu Bull - African Wildlife Background - Spiral Pride by LivingWild
  • Bucorvus leadbeateri – SOUTHERN GROUNDHORNBILL by Magaret Meintjes
  • Burchell's Zebra by Jan Fijolek
  • Hunting by Jan Fijolek
  • Giraffe - African Wildlife Background - Colorful Solitude by LivingWild
  • Springbok - African Wildlife Background - Golden Run by LivingWild
  • Lappet Faced Vulture and Bateleur Eagle Fight by LivingWild
  • Warthog Family - African Wildlife by LivingWild
  • Tawny Eagle - Majestic - African Wild Bird Background by LivingWild