Wide Angle Photography (2 per 24hr limit).

Please only submit your BEST WIDE ANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY. We want OUTSTANDING work, artistically composed, to show the impact of wide angle photography. NO fantasy works or obvious HDR please. If it's wide and it's very good, it's in!

Recent Work

  • Pink Sky at Lake Wanaka by Peter Hammer
  • Spectacular Snowdonia Sunset by Peter Doré
  • CARTER SHIELDS CABIN by Chuck Wickham
  • Catching The Last Rays by jakeof
  • An Apostle Sunset by Stephen Ruane
  • A little piece of Heaven - Amity Point On North Stradbroke Island. Qld Australia by Beth  Wode
  • Sunrise at Sunshine Coast, Australia by Dean Bailey
  • USA. Connecticut. Litchfield. Reflection. by vadim19
  • South Stack Lighthouse by Peter Doré
  • The Turning Point by Jim Worrall
  • Dunnottar Castle by Roddy Atkinson
  • Best Seat in the House by SandraNightski

About This Group

For this group we are looking for high quality beautifully composed images with an ‘obvious wide angle effect’. This is NOT a group for snap shots. We do welcome images that have been tastefully edited (no fantasy works) & only very minor HDR processing but not those that have been worked to their detriment. The wide angle effect and artistic composition must be obvious to the moderator irrespective of what lens the image was captured with. We moderate according to these standards and will reject without reason any unsuitable images. Within the wide angle category there are sub sections, Fisheye, Ultra Wide Angle and Wide Angle. For more information about wide angle photography please see Wikipedia (but generally it means under and not including 50mm focal length, preferably 35mm and below).

Please submit your absolute best work only and no more than 2 per 24 hours.


Rejections: If we don’t feel the image is right for the group, if it has no obvious wide angle effect, if it doesn’t meet the guidelines or it is too similar to another image already submitted by the artist it will be rejected without reason.
Please DO NOT resubmit rejected work.


Thank you.

Andy & Polly

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