Dedicated Wide Angle and Fisheye Lens Photography

This group showcases the most creative and appropriate use of dedicated wide angle and fisheye lenses.

Recent Work

  • Pots Of Gartness In Killearn, Scotland by Jeremy Lavender Photography
  • Toronto Skywalk 5 by John Velocci
  • Ford F-100 Panel truck by mal-photography
  • Port Jackson sunset III by Paul Mercer
  • 1954 Chevy Bel Air Convertible by mal-photography
  • Knox by John Velocci
  • Lake Selfe by Paul Mercer
  • Butterfly 2 by jamesataylor
  • Crummock reflection, Lake District, United Kingdom by Cliff Williams
  • Headwaters of the Hollyford by Paul Mercer
  • Still, Just Standing after Floods by Guyzimijz
  • Abandoned 1948 Cadillac Limo by mal-photography

About This Group


This group is for images captured with a dedicated wide angle or a fisheye lens only. We want to see images produced by photographers using these lenses creatively and appropriately. Wide angle lenses are not only for capturing as much of a scene as possible – they are also for getting you (and the viewer) into the image.

Dedicated wide-angle lenses have a wider than normal angle of view (and usually a short focal length) and produce an image with a large field of vision. They are the ‘opposite’ of telephoto in that they ‘push’ the scene away from you rather than bringing it closer. A generally accepted maximum focal length for a wide-angle lens is 50 – 55mm.
A fisheye lens goes even further and produces an extremely wide hemispherical image.

This group is NOT for images taken with regular telephoto lens – even if they are taken at the shortest focal range.

For more information on what is a wide-angle or fish-eye lens look here

We encourage members to contribute to the forums when they come across links to sites with instruction on using these lenses and if they have any tips and tricks to share.

Maximum of 20 images per member – then just leave/rejoin the group to be able to continue uploading your stunning wide-angle photos!

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