All Things Doctor Who

Group Rules:

The group moderators assume that your artwork adheres to any general RedBubble guidelines for fan artwork.

Any work related to Doctor Who is allowed.

Please don’t submit multiple versions of the same design on different color backgrounds. A dark version and a light version is ok, but if the only difference is the default background color, the Doctor would see right through that like a piece of Psychic Paper and so will RedBubble users.

Please don’t submit more that two or three designs a day. If you have lots of designs, submit your favorites and wait a few days to submit more.

Journal entries thanking someone for purchasing a Doctor Who t-shirt or card aren’t really Doctor Who related (unless the purchaser is Brigadier General Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stuart himself), so please don’t submit those either.

If you submit a large number of works that do not fit these guidelines, it is easier to remove you from the group than it is to reject each of your works, so that’s probably what will happen.

Stephan Moffat’s Sherlock is pretty great, but it is not Doctor Who. Therefore purely-Sherlock-related works will be rejected.