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Favorite companion

Inframan232 Inframan232 2 posts

As we all know Dr. Who has had many different companions/sidekicks/partners accompanying him throughout the years. Who is your favorite?

SnakeArtist SnakeArtist 1 post

Jo Grant

TBall TBall 4 posts

- in my dreams since the age of seven, I have been his most favorite companion… at a right old age, I don’t think I’ll be taking any more trips in the old blue box……….now………..medication………must remember…….my medication

other than myself….. the two Romano’s and Adric…… yes …. Adric……..thats four no- changed my mind- Donna Noble – Donna Noble hands down- powerful performance

Inframan232 Inframan232 2 posts

I would have to say that at first I found Donna Noble to be quite irritating, but as the series progressed I have also found her to be possibly my favorite Dr. Who companion. The ending of that particular series was soooooo sad.

Tonberry Tonberry 62 posts

I’m a bit late to this party, but it used to be Sarah Jane, now I have to say Rory (specially when being henpecked by Amy right before/after doing something massively heroic) is my favourite.

bluecrystal93 bluecrystal93 7 posts

I like Amy and Rory. They accompany the Dr. Who that’s played by Matt Smith.

Matty B. Duran Matty B. Duran 722 posts

My favourite companion is Rose. But my favorite doctor she accompanied is the 9th doctor played by Christopher Eccleston. I liked their chemistry. Awesome pair~

oshimposh oshimposh 1 post

wow. it’s been a while since there was any activity here. oh well. my sister tells me souffle girl is going to be the next companion, which i am wholeheartedly in favor of. she’s a keeper.

Renata Palheiros Renata Palheiros 13 posts

Rose is classic. It’s my #1 because her history. But, I like so much Clara that I miss her :(

Ebonrook Ebonrook 42 posts

SnakeArtist up there has the best taste by far! Jo all the way!

I am not a fan of Clara, at all. I find her bland. In fact my good friend pointed out to me that (Name of the Doctor Spoilers next!) in Name of the Doctor, we are shown that if you put Clara at least once into every incarnations life, only the 11th will ever notice her.

No all joking aside I don’t like how Moffat writes female characters, I didn’t like Amy or River and I don’t like Clara either. I think it’s time for him to pass the torch…

Chewbacta Chewbacta 1 post

By far Wilfred Mott even though he wasn’t a companion for very long. I mean, who didn’t love old Wilf?

timelordscribe timelordscribe 1 post

I haven’t seen Donna Noble yet, but out of the other companions from the rebooted series The Ponds all the way.