Who are YOU to Judge?

Tired of others telling you your work isn't good enough? Well we don't believe in that here! Limit of 3 Submissions per day please.


  • An outline to moving forward by su2anne
  • The Golden Hour by Jessica Jenney
  • And the Call It Puppy Love.............. by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Success t-shirt by Carolyn Clark
  • Blueberry Muffins by BevsDigitalArt
  • Watering Can Daisies by Sandra Foster
  • Ole' Glory by chrispy
  • Groovy, Baby! by Lyle Hatch
  • Burr Oak at Sunrise by Roger Passman
  • Shacks Winter Scene by Sandra Foster
  • Another still Life by George Coombs
  • Ocotillo II by Roger Passman
  • From the Castle Wall by James2001
  • LMAO!!!! by Nicole W.
  • Crystal Door Knobs by Barbara Morrison
  • Seafront Light by timpr
  • The Intruder by billfox256
  • Lego Tatooine picnic by Kevin  Poulton - aka 'Sad Old Biker'