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Who are YOU to Judge?

Tired of others telling you your work isn't good enough? Well we don't believe in that here! Limit of 3 Submissions per day please.

Recent Work

  • Pink Dream by Igor Zenin
  • Will you marry me? Silhouettes with hearts by EucalyptusBear
  • Daffodil Rain by Joy Watson
  • Just for fun - A Fancy Floral Shapes Collage by VoxCeleste
  • USA. Arizona. Petrified Forest National Park. by vadim19
  • USA. Arizona. Painted Desert. by vadim19
  • Organ and Flute Collage by VoxCeleste
  • USA. Arizona. Canyon de Chelly National Monument. View. by vadim19
  • Carolina Beach In August by Cynthia48
  • Urban by Elfriede Fulda
  • Monument to the Scuttled Ships by roggcar
  • C-6 Corvette and the Cosmos by ChasSinklier

About This Group

There are a lot of artists here and other places too for that matter, who feel they are a “cut above the rest”. Some of these people think others are not skilled or “good” artists. We ask.. “Who are YOU to judge anyway?” What on earth makes you think you have that right? Art is indeed subjective!

This group is about what YOU feel IS your best! If you like your art then we like it too.

If you feel you have done your best, then we agree! If you are tired of some people telling you about YOUR art. THIS is the group for you. No one here will state you didn’t follow rules, there are only two. Follow RB’s rules, and NO HATERS!

ALL art, ALL skill levels are welcomed. It’s all about YOU and your art.

This is a group for those who feel no one has the right to state anyone’s art isn’t good enough.

Freedom of expression is your right and we are all different. We should love those things that are not like our own as it adds to us as a whole.

NOTE: We do have fortnightly and monthly features, these features are selected by 3 co hosts to ensure diversity in selection. This is not a ‘judgement’, simply a way to encourage and reward the contributions to the group.

See the group rules and join this group here