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Recent Work

  • Oh Beautiful I by Ladymoose
  • Sometimes by artisandelimage
  • Entre Ombres Et Lumiere ~ Part Five by artisandelimage
  • Sports Bar by artisandelimage
  • Watching and waiting by Alan Mattison
  • Emu by Ladymoose
  • The Twelve Apostles by Kerry  Hill
  • Laddie of the Sands by Michael Haslam
  • Ta Da !!!! by artisandelimage
  • City Boy by artisandelimage
  • Cascade by Kerry  Hill
  • Emperor Tamarin by Ladymoose

About This Group

Featured Artist ARTISANDELIMAGE" click here to leave your comments

We will accept only quality art that Galleries would be proud to display.
If you can give us the best of your best, then this is your group.

All members of this group also has the opportunity to join our online gallery White Frame Gallery.com – Active date will be notified, site is NOW OPEN FOR ARTISTS SUBMISSION

this site is aimed at selling only Original works, not prints.
An email will be sent to all members when live.

Also, a group has been created on Facebook, which will be linked to Red Bubble and the new site.
Join us there too
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See the group rules and join this group here