ROADWAYS, HIGHWAYS, STAIRWAYS and BYWAYS....*ONE PER DAY*...(previously Which Ways)...(Default *Image Only* size, rejected otherwise)

Group Rules:

Repeated rejections by a single artist will result in that artist being dropped. PLEASE READ the Submission Rules, or ask. I will help all I can…

Only the HIGHEST QUALITY OF WORK will be accepted – no “happy-snaps” or Unlevel snapshots. Snapshots will be rejected. No one wants your Aunt Bessie on their wall! Art that is not of the highest quality will not be accepted, nor will any image deemed “outside of the group theme.” Hosts decisions are final – no discussion will be entered regarding rejections.
ONE per day (per 24 hour period).
3-No writing or journals, no cards with extensive writing on it.
4-Any and all photographs, digital art, or paintings of streets and pavement, walkways, long hallways, pathways, forest trails, sidewalks (called “pavement” in the UK?), railroad tracks, bridges, piers, docks and yes, even stairs! In the woods, in a little town, even in a big city, they are all around you. Show us YOUR pathways! These pathways can be expressed in traditional photography/art, edited or processed work, and digital creations.