ROADWAYS, HIGHWAYS, STAIRWAYS and BYWAYS.......*ONE PER DAY*...(previously Which Ways)...(Default *Image Only* size, rejected otherwise)

This group is for high-quality artwork that showcases actual ROADWAYS, HIGHWAYS, STAIRWAYS & BYWAYS. If its Driven/Ridden/Walked over it's ok. Animals/Objects need to be 25% or less. No beaches, sand or waterways with out piers/bridges. DOORS need SIDWEWA

"Fall Curves" and "Gateway" - Challenge Winners April 27, 2010

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The results are in on our challenges this week.

For the ‘S’ Curves or Roads that curve challenge the WINNER is Fall Curves by Marylee Pope!!!!

For the Gravel or dirt roads challenge the WINNER is Gateway by micmac!!!

Please remember to click on each of the thumbnails and leave a comment on all the top ten placements. Thanks so very much. The artists will appreciate the hits. It’s better than applause.

Open for Voting
Brick or Cobblestone Walkway or Road
Roads with a vehicle

Open for Entries
Lots of Lanes/Rail Tracks
Lots and Lots of Stairs

Coming Soon Challenges
Roads – Looking through the Windshield
Built from Rocks – Paths, foot bridge, steps
Which Ways with Fences
Which Way HDR – state software used