This group is for high-quality artwork that showcases actual ROADWAYS, HIGHWAYS, STAIRWAYS & BYWAYS. If its Driven/Ridden/Walked over it's ok. Animals/Objects need to be 25% or less. No beaches, sand or waterways with out piers/bridges. DOORS need SIDWEWA

Recent Work

  • A city street scene by vigor
  • A Tuscan Scene, Pienza, Siena, Tuscany, Italy by Andrew Jones
  • Wide Open Spaces  by Judy Grant
  • Chocolate Drive  by Judy Grant
  • Staircase to the Light 2 by Angelika  Vogel
  • Ladder To Success by Ben Loveday
  • Chicago City Scape by Tracy Jule
  • The Long Bridge linking Tuncurry & Forster, N.S.W. Nth. Coast. Aust. by Rita Blom
  • Forster/Tuncurry Bridge across Lake Wallis Inlet. Nth. N.S.W. Coast. by Rita Blom
  • Early Snow by Charles & Patricia   Harkins ~ Picture Oregon
  • Tree Of Winter by James Brotherton
  • Country Road near Marrawah.......... by Imi Koetz

About This Group

Photographs, digital art, or paintings of Streets, Dirt Roads, Piers, Docks, Bridges, (over and under) Walkways, Pavements, Long Hallways, Pathways, Forest Trails, 4 Wheeler Trails, Sidewalks (called “pavement” in the UK?), Railroad Tracks, Ladders, and yes, even Stairs!
If it’s for humans to WALK over or DRIVE over, we want it. NO BEACHES or SAND, too transient! DOORWAYS need to have a substantial amount of the SIDEWALK/ ROADWAY showing. No close ups of doors alone.
The street, walkway, pavement and all other Which Ways must be CLEARLY VISIBLE in the thumbnail view which we hosts see in moderation. It is simply too time consuming for us to have to open a full view of your work to be able to see that it contains a street, walkway, pavement or any other acceptable work..( Snow Trails MUST show a Roadway underneath.) This group accepts edited or processed work, and digital creations.
We do not accept written works, images only. No Tshirts.
Please, Earthbound only, no images taken of Balloons or airplanes, no esoteric dream scapes without Pathways.

No beach, sand, snow or waterways, unless a path is visible NEXT to it!

No CLOSE UPS of animals. Roads, street, path or walkway MUST show and be majority of the image. No animals up close alone.

No nudity, violence or images depicting nudity or violence in any way will be accepted. This is a child friendly Group!


Works which are a close up of a person, vehicle, doorway or building or anything with only a SMALL portion of a road, street, sidewalk or walkway will not be accepted.

The Hosts reserve the right to not accept any work which does not meet the Group Guidelines without notice or explanation!

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts