What A Witch!

This group is for artwork depicting witches as the main subject (no writing, gore or nudity accepted).

Recent Work

  • ~ Auld Lang Syne ~ by Alexandra  Lexx
  • Part 2  Meeting The Kettle Woman by ellamental
  • Blair Witch Woods by Igor Zenin
  • Faces Of The Woods by Igor Zenin
  • Blair Witch Woods Trio by Igor Zenin
  • Rumpledarkskins by ellamental
  • SLOW BURN by Tammera
  • The Witch and Her Assistant by JoshCooper
  • Queen of Autumn by Sybille Sterk
  • Bella Donna by michellerena
  • White Shores by Igor Zenin
  • Spanish Reflection by Igor Zenin

About This Group

This group accepts any form of art depicting witches as the main subject. What qualifies a female to be a “witch”? That is up to the artist! We will not accept any gore, blood, nudity or any subject matter the hosts determine to be inappropriate for family viewing.

Congratulations to the winner of our group icon challenge, Karl David Hill.

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