What A Shot ( READ RULE"S)

This group is about the most unusual angles of pictures taken. They balance on the simple angle to the most impossible shot to get.

  • Mauzac Bridge by ragman
  • Frets by Hugh Fathers
  • Sandbag Slope by heatherfriedman
  • Fort Point, San Francisco, CA by Scott Johnson
  • Untitled by James Ingham
  • Queensferry ~ Forth Rail Bridge by ©The Creative  Minds
  • The Key Detail by Chris Cardwell
  • Back to the front..you will do what I say, when I say..the slaughter never ends..Hell is here..Disposable heroes..our government has no respect for our soldiers and the american public  (photo) by jammingene
  • Snow Post by mikebov
  • Steps To The Beach by Scott Johnson
  • Wellington Point Pier by Lincoln Stevens
  • London Architecture by DavidGutierrez
  • Bikes For Rent In San Francisco, CA. by Scott Johnson
  • B/W Cover Ups by Kyle  Rodgers
  • Rusty Hinges by Randy Richards
  • The Left Eye by Adam Bykowski
  • Winter Wonderland in Maynooth, Ireland. by Orla Cahill Photography
  • North Light over the pier by Frank Olsen