WESTERN AUSTRALIA-(photos only, any subject, but Specify Location)

Group Rules:

There is no limit on submissions to the Group, but please be kind and don’t flood the Group with your work.
Only photographs taken in Western Australia will be accepted, but your work does NOT have to be a WA icon – lets see some art.

Please ensure your photo is available as a print or card and use the image view or print option when saving your work.

This Group does not accept:
Digital paintings or sketches

For each photo submitted you must state, either in the title or in the description, whereabouts in Western Australia the photo was taken. Locations written in tags only are NOT acceptable. Just putting the name of a reserve or park doesn’t really tell people whereabouts in WA the place is. It would be helpful to other members, and people who don’t live in WA, if the location could be put in the title or description. E.g. Kings Park, Perth, instead of just Kings Park; Murray River, Pinjarra, instead of just Murray River; Margaret River, instead of just Redgate Beach; El Questro, The Kimberleys, instead of just El Questro. You photo may be rejected, with or without a reason, if the location is not noted.

Please do not submit images that are very similar in nature. E.g. one image of a banksia is enough – we don’t want to see 3 or 4 images of the same banksia unless it’s taken from an entirely different perspective or perhaps you’ve taken a long shot and a macro.

Also, some technical details would be helpful – even just stating the camera type/model and lens used would add interest to each photo.

It is a condition of this Group that members have their bubble mail activated. You can do this by going into your Account Details. Under ‘Edit Profile’ ‘Allow Users to’ check the box that says, ‘Send me BubbleMail.’

Please submit only your best photos, but do not restrict yourselves to things quintessentially Western Australian – any subject, the more artistic and way-out the better. The hosts reserve the right to reject any work that is not up to the high standards of the group.

Group members who consistently flout the guidelines will be removed from the Group without notice.

Updated 14 August 2016