WESTERN AUSTRALIA-(photos only, any subject, but Specify Location)

The Photography of Western Australia

Recent Work

  • Heat Haze by metriognome
  • sunset out on the farm by BigAndRed
  • Thelymitra crinita Bud by kalaryder
  • Red Beak Orchid by kalaryder
  • Sunset Clouds by rom01
  • Resting Trunk by rom01
  • Green Fireworks by DPalmer
  • Firewood Banksia by garts
  • The Pinnacles by garts
  • Banksia baxteri by lezvee
  • Meerkat sitting on a rock by kalaryder
  • Rocks at Castle Rock, Dunsborough by kalaryder

About This Group

This group is devoted to photographs only taken in Western Australia, but please submit varied works, not just things that ‘say’ WA. Sorry, we do not accept any other art forms or digital painting, However, textured work and photo manipulations are acceptable. Please ensure your photo is available as a print or card and use the image view or print option when saving your work.

Membership is open to everyone – it does not matter whether you live in Western Australia or have just visited this beautiful corner of the world at some stage.

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Updated 3 January 2016

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