Wessex UK *Features up 22/11/15* - Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire, parts of Gloucestershire, IOW

Group Rules:

All work concerning the area will be gladly accepted, with following conditions :
1. Please, no family snapshots etc.

2. The title and/or description must indicate WHAT the image is (e.g. in the case of a building, monument, landmark, etc) and WHERE it is (please specify which county and nearest city/town/village).

3. Nothing too abstract or generic please – this group’s intention is to give a visual impression of Wessex. An image that could depict anywhere, rather than Wessex specifically, is likely to be rejected as being more suited to other groups. Such an example is a plant or flower, which while it may have been taken somewhere in Wessex, does not identify the location specifically. This also includes animals… New Forest Ponies for example, showing the New Forest setting is OK but a close up of a horse etc is NOT indicative of Wessex. please note that one bizarre phobia/terror that befalls a host is that of butterflies… so sorry but shots containing butterflies will be rejected.

4. Best shots only please – work you are really proud of.

5. All submissions must be available for sale. If you do not think your work is good enough to sell, then it isnt good enough for the group portfolio either.

6. Please pass details of the group to anyone you know who might like to join.

Play nice and most of all, have fun!!