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Welcome To The Jungle

This Group is a dedication to our Fabulous Photographer & Friend BigCatPhotos

Recent Work

  • Having a Look at theTourists by Vickie Burt
  •    ...happy new year ...(yawn sorry).... by John44
  • Harpy Eagle in Pastel by Linda Sparks
  • Kimya and baby Kanzi! by Kymbo
  • Before Barbed Wire #2 by Susan Bergstrom
  • Night Hunter by Tarrby
  • Thy Will Be Done by Susan Bergstrom
  • Im Not Sharing by RickDavis
  • A Path For The Soul by Susan Bergstrom
  • In Repose. by vette
  • King Parrot by Vickie Burt
  • A Flash of Macaw by Tarrby

About This Group

This Group was started August 8 2011 And Dedicated to our Most Wonderful Friend and Brilliant Photographer BigCatPhotos


Our Group Avatars By jozi1
Our Group Banners By Rapture777
Our Group Dedication to BigCatPhotos
Your Host, Laura

A Little About This Group
This group is for The Wildlife photographers who dedicate themselves to the cause of saving endangered species, by means of photography. My aim is to give them a platform for their photos, drawings, paintings and even their writings. My hope is to interact with other members by providing fun games and pop quiz’s to draw in new members……

Ask Yourselve
WHERE ARE THE RAINFORESTS And Just How Important Are They … Well Rainforests cover only a small part of the earth’s surface – about 6%, yet they are home to over half the species of plants and animals in the world. Pretty Important small pieces of land, located In


What Is The Difference Between a Jungle and /or Rain forest??
There is a difference between rainforest and jungle, though this doesn’t have much to do with rainfall. Jungle areas typically surround rain forest areas, and have a key difference that has little to do with climate. The biggest distinction is that rain forests have an incredibly thick canopy of very tall trees. This means there are far fewer plants at ground level. Trees block out much of the light that would be required by most plants to thrive, so you will usually only find shade loving ground plants in rain forest areas.

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