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Weimaraners - The Gray Ghosts

Intelligent, stubborn and amazing - Weimaraners. Watch out, because they'll outsmart you!

Recent Work

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About This Group

The Weimaraner is in the American Kennel Club’s sporting dog group. They were bred to be courageous hunters with exceptional speed and tracking ability. The nobles of Weimer used them to hunt wild boar, bear, deer and other big game.

We want your beautiful, best photos of Weimaraners at play, or at work, or just looking beautiful. Show dogs, hunting buddies, and your 6 year olds best buddy….but always your best work, please.

To be a Weimaraner owner, you must outsmart your dog at every opportunity….this is not easy…..I fail often….

As of now, we will place no limits on uploads, we may impose limits as we grow. Please, remember, although you may have other dogs, as well as people in the photo, the main focus should be the Weimaraner.

Have fun!

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