Weekly Theme Challenges: A Photograph of An Iris (Entries must be entered into Group)

Weekly themes - choose you favorite or best work for each weeks new theme. Only submit images entered into that week's challenge.

Recent Work

  • Manure Music by phil decocco
  • Victorian Parambulator  by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Mozart Statue In Vienna, Austria by Mythos57
  • Water Globe by lezvee
  • Three Butts About It by Monnie Ryan
  • Hula Dancer  by Alex Preiss
  • Dedicated To You Ann by lynn carter
  • Garden Sprite by Kenneth Hoffman
  • Little People by Margaret Stevens
  • Doggy takes a header by Arie Koene
  • Olympic Statue made of Hay Bales by AnnDixon

About This Group

Each week will be a different theme, designed to give you the opportunity to showcase all your best and favorite works.

Submit your best THEME RELATED art into the challenge and up to 5 THEME RELATED art each week for the chance to be featured.

You must enter your challenge image to the group, as well as the challenge. If the image is not in the group, it will be removed from the challenge.

Weekly challenge winner will be the avatar for the week.

Challenges begin Mondays, so watch Monday’s for your new theme!! :)

WE ARE NOT A DUMPING GROUND FOR ALL YOUR WORK. Please only submit THEME related pieces. The theme for the week is the CHALLENGE theme***

The challenges are for all the group members including the hosts. Hosts take turns deciding the weekly theme. We do not enter our own challenges but may enter a challenge by another host.

See the group rules and join this group here