The Weekend Photographer

For all those photographers who work all day. Your home away from home

Recent Work

  • Isar Riverbed by Constantin Fellermann
  • Daffodils in the field by Bob Daalder
  • Colorful Scilla siberica (II) by Bob Daalder
  • Black Faced Woodswallow by Steve Randall
  • Eastbourne Pier by Ursula Rodgers
  • The Color Purple by RVogler
  • Galveston Sunrise by RayDevlin
  • Masts on the Medway  by larry flewers
  • Voice Of My Silence by Evelina Kremsdorf
  • Inside Carnasserie by kalaryder
  • Sonder Sunrise VII by Harry Oldmeadow
  • Storm?  What Storm? by JLOPhotography

About This Group

This group is for all those who only have weekends to enjoy their photography. Whether you are into nature, flowers, black and white, selective colouring, street photography, macro or buildings we all want to see it. But we only want to see the best of your work.

That means that we WON’T accept :
Multiple shots of the same thing with just different angles.
Out of focus & blurred shots
Writing on work
Borders and frames

Sorry, but we’re not accepting art, tees or writing.

This group is for all of us like minded photographers who wish they could give up their day jobs and focus on photography.

See the group rules and join this group here