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Wear your art A group for Tshirts, Stickers , I phones,I pads ,pillows, totes, mugs,leggings only 2 images a week ( open and closes every 6 days

Group Rules:

  1. NO naked/semi naked image, this is a group that will encourage the younger members of the community*
  1. Please abide by the RB rules and guidelines that is image MUST BE displayed on Tshirts Stickers,iphone I pads , laptop, leggings, pillows , totes ONLY only 2 images to be submitted in a day ( Clear images Not dull )
  1. Support and encourage your fellow members we’re all here to learn and enjoy
  1. Participate in the challenges and have fun ,and be creative in order to get them featured, we do not accept the same design in different colors .
  1. if rules are not followed your image will be deleted ,
  1. Any issues you are not happy with contact the hosts