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2011 Features!!! Jan-07

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3793 posts

Hello to the T’s makers ;)
I see everything is quiet & cool…recovering from blasts of parties ;)
I’m going to make it short and sweet then – here ya go. your new weekend
in brand new features & some new members :)))

Congrats to all :)))

levywalk levywalk 36 posts

Fantastic selection Fiery-Fire! Congratulations to Carla , kprojekt , Normf , Maria , Saskia , David , pixelvision , Eleni , Nick , lunaticpark , sliderapparel and gudiashankar – you all have some amazing work in your portfolios!

Normf Normf 43 posts

Thank you ~~Em I’m so flattered you’ve chosen “EyeScream Cone” as one of your new year features. I’m thrilled.
Regards Norm

eleni dreamel eleni dreamel 21 posts

many thanks!happy new year everybody!

dragonindenver dragonindenver 22 posts

Thanks for the nod! I appreciate it. D

levywalk levywalk 36 posts

@Normf Congratulations on your feature – you should thank Fiery-Fire , she selected the features.

Love your eyeballs ;)

kprojekt kprojekt 1 post

Sweet! Thanks for the feature!