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Features 09-18-2010

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3793 posts

Hellooooooouuu to All T’s designers, hope you have missed me a bit, as I was gone
for two weeks ;) well…either or, you have missed the features I bet lol ;)
I think we are due for another contest at “Wear your Art” – seasons are changing
the colors are all rich & saturated – leaves are showing the painted scale of colors ;)
And this inspired my red-yellow-honey hues for this weekend – with a tad of controversy :)

Here we go the new

the 12

Congrats to ALL and keep a look-out for new challenges !! they be coming ;)

Joozu Joozu 63 posts

Of course we missed you! And nice to see the new features too, they all look great.

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3793 posts

I see only one person missed me ??? !!! w000t ?
LoL just kidding – hopefully more folks will check out the features ;) sooooooon ;)