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Photoshop PNG won't let me have transparent background

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4993 posts

Creating a T-Shirt for the first time. I got this far thanks to help from another Red Bubbler. Now I’m at a sticking point maybe someone here can help.

When I copied my art (jpeg) into a new photoshop file with the background set transparent, I could see the checkered background. But when I saved the image it would only let me save it as the required PNG if I flattened the background—and that made the tranasparent (checkers) go away. So, my design has a white background which I understand is not a good thing. Can anyone tell me how to save my transparent image as a PNG in Photoshop?

Blue Bird Moon T

If it means anything, my version of photoshop is as much as 10 yrs old, Photoshop LE.


Maria  Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez 194 posts

Don’t flat the image, just use the control+e tabs, the image is a transparent layer,with your design, not a background, then save it as transparent .png click none and ok . Hope it help you.

Susie Hawkins Susie Hawkins 220 posts

I don’t know about Photoshop, but in Gimp I also click on the “Select file type ( by extension)” as well as PNG, and choose PNG in that too. You may need to use both in your program too.
Susie. :)

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4993 posts

Cntrol E didn’t do anything. I’m on a PC, is that a Mac command? On another T-Shirt forum I got a bit of info that may shed some light on this—the drawing is on white paper so even if the background was transparent, it would appear white because that’s what’s in the JPEG. When I scan art work it gives me no option anywhere to save the image w/a transparent background. ONLY place I seem able to do that is by opening a NEW file. Then when I paste in my art, whatever color the background is, is what shows.

I’m pretty confused…thanks for any help, I’ll check back, but gotta get some drawing done LOL! I"m very appreciative of your advice, it sucks being technologically in the dark ages!

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4993 posts

Update—Just did another test, this time NOT with an existing JPEG. I opened a new file in photoshop with a checkered/transparent background, then drew a few lines and shapes directly on it. When I clicked Save, it only gave me one option—save as PSD. The ONLY way it would let me save the image as anything else was to flatten it—then I could save it as PNG and a number of other things. So, I flattened the image and saved it as PNG. Then I uploaded it as a Test T-shirt on Red Bubble. It had a big white rectangular background—it wasn’t transparent.

So that proves it—my software will not let a PNG have a transparent background. Guess my plans to do T shirts will have to wait for equipment/software upgrades, or if it’ll support it, GIMP. I just got a wacom bamboo pen tablet that comes with some Photoshop Elements software. We haven’t installed it yet and don’t have a lot of hope it’s going to work w/my old computer which is having prob’s. But if it does, or if I can use it on another computer, maybe the newer photoshop on it will work for this.

Thanks again for all your help. Without this I’d still be back at square one. Though it’s not fun to think about having to wait until I can do upgrades, at least I KNOW that now.

nexus7 nexus7 327 posts

Hmm. I used the magic rubber and it did seem to do he trick. However, editing out stains and mistakes on Paint aferwards reverts it to white again, so I aspent a few happy hours last night saving, magicking ot and resaving all over again….

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4993 posts

UPDATE: have been creating T designs in Photoshop Elements 7 with no problem making PNG’s with a transparent background. Found out a bit late that my 1990s era original photoshop limited edition just could not do that. Wish I had known earlier it wasn’t capable of it because it was soooo frustrating to keep doing what was supposed to work, and it still came out white, not transparent. So if anyone else with ancient softare asks…hopefully we’ll be able to tell them before they lose their mind, that it may be their software, LOL!