Wear your art A group for Tshirts, Stickers , I phones,I pads ,pillows, totes, mugs,leggings only 2 images a week ( open and closes every 6 days

a group for all Ts, Stickers Iphones ,laptop skins,and Ipads , leggings, pillows, totes young and old, image MUST BE displayed on Tshirts Stickers,iphone I pads ONLY


annieannie annieannie 1042 posts

does anyone know if there are plans by red bubble to date our additions of art etc?
i would welcome it
i am on my computer at different times of day and some days it is over 24hrs since i last added work but i am so concerned that i may on other occasions place more than my quota in a 24hour period…
any helpfull suggestions ?


Here is a great suggestion in Feedback Forum, but it’s only for hosts! You could make a similar suggestion for members too ;)

Also if you go to your ‘Filter activity feed’, you can choose ‘Moderation of my work’. You can see there all the accepted and rejected works in your feed with the time stamp below ‘before 2 hours’’ for example. It’s a good way to see how much time it’s been since your works has been moderated / accepted automatically.

annieannie annieannie 1042 posts

thank you so much for the reply
as annieannie i am not a host but as aaeiinnn i am a host
trouble is that as a newbie i have a lot to learn
shall now look at that link
thanks again