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Art Promotion and Marketing

Recent Work

  • Bald Eagle in flight by maggie326
  • Fontainebleu Palace by Robyn Carter
  • Still protecting you by Nicole W.
  • the bathroom by Nicole W.
  • Dizzy by Nicole W.
  • Mirror of the Soul by ArtOfE
  • Totem I: The Trossle-Pole Troubadour; Angle South; Angle East; Angle West; Angle North; Angle In-Between by ArtOfE
  • Welcome Aboard ! ~ Part One by artisandelimage
  • Mere Mortals by crystalline
  • Front Door at the Cafe Nine by RC deWinter
  • Chubby Pair by Larry Trupp
  • The road is wide open by Maree  Clarkson

About This Group

This group is dedicated to promotional and marketing tools and ticks for artists. It offers tips about cross-promotion, self-promotion and advices on marketing services. Welcome to the first redbubble website that is all dedicated to artists!
The group will reopen soon.

You can check MinaGrey’s Art Contest

(MinaGrey Logo- Digital Art © Nicla Rossini 2012)


Nicla Rossini is an academic, artist, and poet


- Developer (concept, design and programming) and owner/CEO of ✽∰❋ᎷᎥᏲαᎶᏒᏋᎩ❋∰✽ which can now be found here (rebuilding)
- Concept of ѕαяαѕναтι Gallєяу , (exhibits 3 artists per month and features a 3D Gallery Room for the permanent artists)
- Audio-Video Engineer and painter of the video below:

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