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Wash Day (limit 2 per day please!)

A place for wonderful images of clothes hung out to dry, and the lines, pegs and baskets that go along with the laundry journey.

Recent Work

  • Wind tunnel. by Paul Pasco
  • Shades of Venice by Tarrby
  • Freo Laundromat by nadine henley
  • Laundry day in Azores by Gaspar Avila
  • Hanging Garden And Wash by phil decocco
  • Drips Along The Wall by phil decocco
  • Two Sheets Abstract Purple & Fuscia by Wayne King
  • Mermaid Bubbles by Simplastic
  • Line dried laundry by vigor
  • Sotoportego Stella, Venice Italy by Mythos57
  • Alton Washday No 1 by Wayne King
  • Hung to dry    Singapore by sandysartstudio

About This Group

A group open to all redbubble artists, celebrating wash day in the wonderful myriad of forms across the world. From the iconic Australian ‘Hills Hoist’, to a line festooned with garments in Italy. From a simple clothes hoist on a balcony, to the good old fashioned prop line. From mangles to washboards, smooth rocks by the riverbed, pegs of all kinds, spreading the linen out on bushes; From buckets,coppers and tongs, to bleach and starch. Presses, irons, dryers and racks….If it’s wash day it fits in here! Windy day washing, frosty morning frozen washing, sodden rain drenched washing…lets have it! Washing Lines, Pegs, Laundry Baskets and all things laundry.

Photography, photomanipulations, T-shirt Art, works on paper, board and canvas, writing and journals will all be accepted. Please submit quality work!
Loathe it or love it, we all do washing, and for many of us, hanging clothes out to dry is a creative, contemplative activity.

The number of works by each member is unlimited.
Come join the wash day fun!

See the group rules and join this group here

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