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War Paint

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Here you can share your passion for the human face and body as your canvas. Show everyone here how you re-transform the face and body with your “War Paint”. Challenge yourself in this group by comparing to create better and more unique pieces. How much can you make a person look like someone else? Learn from others here as well, make-up can be pretty tricky. Who can become a great warrior here?

What we want posted
Here, post the most beautiful, unique, and crazy make-up or body art pieces you have. This means coloring your skin in some way whether with paint or make-up. It must be at least 50% of the focus in your images posted here. I understand that it’s hard to always make that the main focus. The point is that it should be a piece where a lot of painting or make-up effort is put into it that is unique or different, or just really pretty, or scary haha, you get the point.

Limit is 2 per day

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